Stated Income Commercial Real Estate   

A Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Benefits Your Business

Applying for a commercial loan is an excruciating process. Applicants are required to fill out mounds of paperwork and provide even more documentation to back up their funding request. Those without perfect credit will be rejected, and this is only after they have been examined under a financial microscope. Apollo Commercial believes it doesn’t have to be this way, and we offer stated income commercial real estate loans based on that belief.

What is the difference between stated income and traditional loans?

Rather than focus on your credit history, although your score must still be 600 or above, we will look at the commercial property in question and use it as collateral for the loan. You may be approved if the property’s value covers the insurance, mortgage and taxes borrowed. Many properties qualify, including:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Business/commercial space
  • Investment real estate
  • Restaurants/retail
  • Warehouses

This loan doesn’t have to cover a property purchase. You may also use the monies to:

  • Consolidate debt
  • Increase working capital
  • Refinance existing property
  • Renovate existing property

No matter the building or the money’s use, you will fill out less paperwork to secure a stated income commercial real estate loan.

What documentation do I need to provide?

You will be asked to submit a W-2 or proof of self-employment income. If you are approved, we may finance up to $500,000. Our 25-year amortized loans are fixed-rate, and the loan-to-value ratios are as follows:

  • 65% for commercial property
  • 70% for residential investment property up to four units
  • 75% for residential investment property five units or more

Residential investment property must be non-owner occupied, and those looking to purchase five-plus unit buildings must have a credit score of 700 or higher.

Talk With Us About This Financing Option

Contact us at Apollo Commercial to discuss a stated income commercial real estate loan. We look at more than your credit, so call us today and close your escrow within two to three weeks.