Consumer Finance

Start a Credit Card Program for Your Business the Right Way

There are more ways for you to grow your business than you might realize, and Apollo Commercial is dedicated to introducing customers to the many avenues open to them. Rather than pass up on the opportunity to make a sale and provide your customers with what they want, you can instead start a consumer finance program.

The Perfect Situation Where Everyone Benefits

By offering your customers credit, you both take advantage of a number of benefits, including:

  • Encouraging customer loyalty
  • Building your company’s overall awareness
  • Offering your customers a number of repayment options, better ensuring they find an option that suits them and their specific needs

Before your customers can take advantage of consumer finance, they’ll first complete a quick credit approval. We want to make it so your clients can start using their credit soon after applying. Once approved, they’ll have generous credit limits.

Know that we will always be easily available once you kick off your finance program. Proper support is key to making the most of your new credit option, and we will make sure you understand your program from front to back.

Interested in learning more about how easy it is to start a company credit program? Reach out to Apollo Commercial representatives whenever you’re ready.